Change a Story and You Can Change the World

By :  David G. Roskies Sol and Evelyn Henkind Chair in Yiddish Literature and Culture and Professor of Jewish Literature Emeritus Posted On Feb 1, 2017

By learning the power of twice-told tales, three restless, rebellious Jews—Rebbe Nahman of Braslav, I. L. Peretz, and I.B. Singer—were reborn as Yiddish storytellers. By returning to fantasy and the live, spoken language of the people, they turned storytelling into an autonomous, highly creative and potentially explosive activity.

A series of three podcasts:

  • Rebbe Nachman and “The Abducted Princess”
  • I. L. Peretz and “Bontsha the Silent”
  • I.B. Singer and “Gimpel the Fool”