Torah Fund’s 80th Anniversary Is a Significant Milestone

Posted on Apr 06, 2022

Judaism has a numerology tradition known as gematria, which values some numbers more than others. One of those numbers is 80. The gematria of the Hebrew letter pei is 80. As we learn in Pirkei Avot 5:22, 80 is the age of strength. When God asked Moses, age 80, to speak with Pharaoh, Moses requested not to because of a speech impediment. God responded that Aaron, his brother, could speak well. Aaron, age 83, was known to have good verbal skills (Exodus 7:7).

So, at age 80, Moses led the Jews out of Egypt and, at age 80, transmitted the Torah to them.

The letter pei means “mouth” (peh). We use our mouth to speak, to communicate with another individual or with individuals. “That ability to communicate is the essential aspect of 80’s special strength.”1 

As individuals, we have great power in the use of words. We can communicate and inspire others. There are no excuses or impediments. Our external weaknesses should not stop our desire to bestow goodness and communicate inspiration to others.

There is a famous teaching of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev that explains the meaning of Pesach. Pesach literally means peh-sach, “the mouth (peh) talks (sach).” On Pesach, the mouth talks about the wonders and miracles of God. Pesach represents the antithesis of Pharaoh, who, as the Megaleh Amukos explains, signifies peh-ra, a “bad mouth.”2

Pharaoh denied God’s providence in every act of nature. Our mouths were not given to us to slander or denigrate others but to speak of God’s greatness and wonders.3

With these words, may we be inspired to take Torah Fund from Strength to Strength!

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