Valerie Bondura

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Initiatives

Department: Academic Affairs


Building Room: K.808

Valerie Bondura facilitates pedagogical and curricular efforts to make teaching meaningful and accessible to all learners at JTS. She consults with JTS instructors to help them maximize efficacy and joy in their classrooms. Valerie also leads pedagogy workshops, collaborates with academic programs and schools, and provides key leadership in educational technologies, academic assessment, and accreditation. She is available as a resource for all full-time and part-time instructors teaching in JTS degree programs.

Valerie holds a BA from Brown University and an MA and PhD in Anthropology with a specialization in Archaeology from Columbia University. During her graduate training, she concurrently completed several teaching programs and held fellowships with the Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning. Valerie has also regularly worked in various university writing centers since 2009 and has taught within her discipline as well as in college writing programs since 2014.

Valerie frequently publishes work and participates in programs across higher education related to pedagogy, writing studies, and anthropology. She also maintains her diverse research interests and her own teaching practice while serving the JTS instructional community.