Miriam Meir

Senior Lecturer of Hebrew Language

Department: Hebrew Language

Phone: (212) 280-6094

Email: mimeir@jtsa.edu

Building Room: Brush 204

Office Hours: By Appointment

Miriam Meir is the Area Coordinator of Jewish Languages and a senior lecturer of Hebrew language. She has been teaching Hebrew language and literature at JTS since 2008 and joined the JTS faculty as a full-time member in 2011. She has led the Hebrew language program at JTS since 2014.

Having emigrated to Israel (and to Orthodox Judaism) as a child, she remembers vividly what it was like to learn Hebrew from scratch, Ivrit be-Ivrit, and is deeply committed to teaching Hebrew language and discourse as a key to Jewish culture and learning. The curriculum she developed at JTS employs the communicative method of second-language instruction to teach Hebrew speaking, listening comprehension, writing–and reading of texts from classical to contemporary.

Current research and curriculum-writing interests include: Hebrew grammar pedagogy; teaching the language of modern Hebrew poetry as a gateway to fluency; and second language acquisition and instruction for students with language-based learning differences.

Ms. Meir holds an M.A. in Jewish Literature from the Jewish Theological Seminary and a B.A. in Philosophy and Life Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She was trained as a Hebrew language teacher at the Rothberg School of the Hebrew University.

Ms. Meir also translates articles and books into Hebrew, specializing in the field of Jewish thought. 

Select Translations:

  • Ephraim Meir, מעשה זכרון: חברה, אדם ואלוהים אחרי אושוויץ, (Towards an Active Memory: Philosophy after the Shoah), Translation from Dutch into Hebrew. Tel Aviv: Resling, 2006
  • Eric Santner, על הפסיכו-תאולוגיה של חיי היום-יום: הרהורים על פרויד ורוזנצווייג, (On the Psychotheology of Everyday Life), Translation from English into Hebrew. Tel Aviv: Resling, 2005
  • Harm de Jonge, ריקוד של נסיך (Jesse Ballewal-tsji), Translation from Dutch into Hebrew. Tel Aviv: Yediot Aharonot – Sifrei Hemed, 2004
  • Jean-Gérard Bursztein, הפסיכואנליזה של הנאציזם (The Psychoanalysis of Nazism), Translation from French into Hebrew. Tel Aviv: Resling, 2004
  • Ephraim Meir, פילוסופים יהודים קיומיים ברב-שיח (Jewish Existential Philosophers in Dialogue), Editing and Translation from Dutch into Hebrew. Jerusalem: Magnes, 2004