JTS Partners with Jewish Art Salon to Present Multi-Venue Art Exhibition

JTS will serve as one of three venues to present an art exhibition entitled “Genesis: The Beginning of Creativity.” This exhibition features 125 pieces of art, of which 65 different interfaith artists will be showcased at JTS, The Interchurch Center, and Riverside Church. The exhibit will include works by Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and secular artists reflecting on what the story of creation means to them and their communities at this moment in world history. Thirteen artists will exhibit at JTS.

“Genesis: The Beginning of Creativity” has been organized by The Jewish Art Salon, the world’s largest Jewish artists’ organization, and CARAVAN, an international arts NGO/non-profit. Chief curators of the exhibition are Joel Silverstein, Richard McBee, and Goldie Gross. 

JTS will hold a panel discussion in conjunction with the exhibition on June 1. Panelists include Rabbi Burt VisotzkyDaisy Khan, and Karenna Gore, moderated by artist/curator Richard McBee.

A color catalogue edited by Goldie Gross, with essays by nine international scholars, has also been created.