Anti-Semitism in America

“Purim will be a little different for American Jews this year. The raucous celebration of Mordecai and Esther’s triumph over Haman, quintessential ‘enemy of the Jews,’ comes against the background of a rash of bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers, vandalism of several Jewish cemeteries, and an increased and emboldened anti-Semitic presence on social media (including tweets sent to and by teens). There seems to be a growing sense in some quarters that the well-being of Jews in the United States may not be as secure as most of us had imagined. Uncertainty about the seriousness of the current upsurge is part of what is causing the anxiety. One wants to know who the enemies are and how dangerous a threat they pose. In the Purim story, Haman’s wicked designs are clear and his downfall thankfully swift. Neither seems the case right now.”

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