MA in Jewish Studies

Designed for students who wish to obtain a deep grounding in advanced Judaica (such as those planning to pursue doctoral studies or work in the non-academic professional Jewish world), this interdisciplinary program offers a broad overview of classical and modern Jewish studies with an emphasis on developing skills for textual analysis. Students who successfully complete the Jewish Studies MA program go on to a variety of educational and professional settings, including doctoral studies and professional careers in the Jewish world.


  1. Students must demonstrate Hebrew competency at the level of HEB 5203, either through the Hebrew courses at JTS or by exemption through examination upon entering the program.
  2. Core Seminar (3 credits)
  3. Bible (6 credits; can include BIB 5011)
  4. Talmud and Rabbinics (6 credits; can include TAL 5025)
  5. 12 Credits in the following areas (at least 3 credits in each area and 6 credits in History if MDS 5102 is included):
    • History (can include MDS 5102)
    • Thought
    • Literature
  6. Elective (6 credits)
  7. 1 Capstone paper/project (designed in consultation with the program advisor)