In The Media

As a leading scholar of modern American Judaism, Dr. Schwartz is frequently called on by journalists to offer insight into Jewish history and current affairs. Here is a sampling of recent media citations and articles by Dr. Schwartz.

Public Lectures

Antisemitism in America: How Did We Get Here and How Do We Move Forward?

From Jewess Jeans to Juicy Japs: Clothing and Jewish Stereotypes


In this episode of the JTS podcast What Now? Dr. Schwartz shares the mourning and remembering practices, some innovative and some ancient, that have supported her family through even the most wrenching of bereavements. 

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Commentary: Torah and Holidays

Adele Ginzberg’s Sukkah

Such a luscious array of branches and gourds proudly displayed by Adele Ginzberg—wife of JTS Talmud professor Louis Ginzberg—as she prepared to once again adorn the JTS sukkah! This photo from The JTS Library evokes for me the loving care with which many early 20th-century JTS faculty wives cultivated religious spirit and community. Ginzberg, or “Mama G.” as she was known, inherited the JTS sukkah project from Mathilde Schechter.

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Power and Gender in the Wilderness (Parashat Korah)

When Korah and his followers spurned the Lord, “The earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up with their households” (Num. 16:32). This strange parashah has always puzzled and disturbed me. What exactly did Korah and his followers do to merit such swift, cruel divine judgment?

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Courses of Grief (Parashat Hukkat)

Many are the paths of grieving, and they are irrational and ever shifting. This week’s parashah, which includes the deaths of Miriam and Aaron, gives us the opportunity to reflect on the grieving process.  

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Human Lives and the Natural World (Sukkot)

For many of us who live in dense metropolitan areas, spending time in national parks gives us a unique opportunity to experience in more immediate fashion the majesty of our world. Vacationing in the Canadian Rockies this past summer—hiking in mountains, walking on glaciers, boating in deep blue lakes, cooling off in the spray of gorgeous waterfalls, identifying rare birds, and seeing moose, elk, deer, and the occasional bear (thankfully from a distance)—I felt awed and fortunate to behold this.

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