The Fall 1973 Edition of Conservative Judaism was dedicated to the legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel. The Rabbinical Assembly has made some of the articles available in honor of Heschel’s yahrzeit, including Heschel’s writing exploring death and its theological implications.

Conservative Judaism. Fall 1973 (Vol 28, Number 1)

Gottschalk, Alfred, “Abraham Joshua Heschel: A Man of Dialogues” 

Heschel, Abraham Joshua, “Reflections on Death

Kaplan, Edward K. “The Spiritual Radicalism of Abraham Joshua Heschel” 

Muffs, Yocheved Hershlag. “A Reminisce of Abraham Joshua Heschel” 

Rothschild, Fritz A., “Architect and Herald of a New Theology

Sanders, J.A. “An Apostle to the Gentiles”