H. L. Miller Cantorial School Tuition & Fees

JTS is committed to ensuring that all qualified students can enroll irrespective of their financial situation. H. L. Miller Cantorial School invests in its students with numerous stipends, fellowships, and generous need-based aid to significantly offset the cost of a cantorial education in New York. For example, all incoming cantorial students receive the $5,000 Malinsky Fellowship in their first year to allow them to focus their full energies on their new studies.

Tuition and fees are one part of a student’s budget, which typically also includes housing, food, books, and personal expenses. These items are all factored into the total cost of education and, along with data from the FAFSA form, this figure is used to determine a student’s demonstrated need. If you have demonstrated need, you are eligible for financial aid. The average financial aid award for fall 2019 to students in H. L. Miller Cantorial School was $27,838.

Please contact the Admissions Office at csadmissions@jtsa.edu with any questions about merit scholarships.

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Tuition and Registration Fees 2022-2023 (per semester)

Tuition (full-time; 12 credits or more)$18,500
Service Fee$810
Student Support Services Fee$350
Health Service Fee (Required for students enrolled in 9 credits or more)TBA

JTS Housing Charges 2022-2023

JTS Residence Hall Single$7,626 (per semester)

Indirect Costs (per semester)

Meals (estimated)$1,250
Books and Supplies (estimated)$450
Personal Expenses (estimated)$750
Voice Lessons (estimated)$750