Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat with Dr. Robert A. Harris

Date: Jan 13, 2017 - Jan 14, 2017

Sponsor: JTS Learning in Your Community

Location: Twin Cities

Category: JTS in Your Community

Learn with JTS at Temple of Aaron

The Jewish Theological Seminary and Temple of Aaron invite you to a Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat with Dr. Robert A. Harris, associate professor of Bible and ancient Semitic languages, JTS

Friday and Saturday, January 13-14, 2017

Friday, January 13

Peshat and Derash Meet in a Dark Alley: The 70 Facets of Torah
How did the ancient rabbinic art of expounding scripture influence the way in which we read today?
Lecture following Friday evening services

Saturday, January 14

Simeon and Levi: Villains or Heroes?
At the end of the book of Genesis, Jacob blesses some of his children but curses these two. Was Jacob’s curse justified?
D’var Torah during Shabbat morning services

In the Beginning, There Were…Commentaries!
Through a close reading of the first three verses of the Torah, we will deepen our understanding of what the Torah teaches about how our world came into being.
Lunch and Learn during Kiddush

Temple of Aaron
616 S. Mississippi River Blvd
St. Paul, Minnesota

This program is made possible through the generous support of the Hereld Institute for Jewish Studies of JTS.