Introduction to the Talmudic Argument

Date: Apr 27, 2022

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

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Location: Online

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An Online Course with Rabbi Marcus Mordecai Schwartz, PhD

Five Wednesdays: April 27 and May 4, 11, 18, and 25; 12:00-1:15 p.m. ET  

“Talmudic” is sometimes used as a pejorative term, meaning “obscure” or “overly complicated.” But the arguments found in the Talmud, although unfamiliar to many contemporary readers, have recognizable, coherent, and even elegant forms and structures. Before studying the Talmud, whether you will encounter it in translation or in the original, it’s therefore crucial to understand the components of a Talmudic dispute and how they fit together. In this class, Rabbi Mordy Schwartz will teach you how to recognize the elements of the classic argument structure and the most important technical terms that clue the reader in to an argument’s trajectory.

This class is designed for those with a basic knowledge of Hebrew (the ability to read vocalized Hebrew and a vocabulary of at least 100 words) and of Judaism (primary Jewish education, a basic Judaism class, or reading a complete introduction to Judaism book). Some preparation between classes is expected. If you have questions about these prerequisites, please contact Lynn Feinman at

Cost: $150
Need-based scholarships available. Send inquires to

Rabbi Marcus Mordecai Schwartz is director of the Matthew Eisenfeld and Sara Duker Beit Midrash and assistant professor of Talmud and Rabbinics.