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The List College Admissions staff is available to guide you and your family through the admissions process and to answer any questions you may have. Please be in touch with us at or (212) 678-8832.

Madison Reisler

Madison Reisler

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

As associate director of undergraduate admissions, Madison Reisler is responsible for the recruitment and enrollment of prospective students in List College’s dual-degree programs.

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Joe  Maybloom

Joe Maybloom

Senior Director of Enrollment; Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Success

As senior director of enrollment and assistant dean of undergraduate student success, Joe Maybloom leads the Admissions Team in the recruitment and enrollment of new students for JTS’s five schools. He also advises the first-year undergraduate students.

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Melissa  Present

Melissa Present

Chief Enrollment Officer

As chief enrollment officer, Missy Present oversees JTS’s enrollment strategy, leading the admissions department in the recruitment of students, management of prospective student events, and relationships with key partners. She advises the senior administration on all enrollment-related matters. During her tenure as director of enrollment management, Missy increased new student enrollment, expanded institutional partnerships, enhanced recruitment marketing, and implemented a new technology solution that manages the full spectrum of the JTS admissions process. Under her leadership, the enrollment operation was awarded a commendation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 

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