Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Torah Fund

Posted on Nov 22, 2022

It is better to give than to receive. This is the concept that we have been taught since we were small children. The opportunity and the commandment to give Tzedakah is a core value of our faith. What better time than the holiday of Hanukkah to not only receive gifts from family and friends but to make a commitment to give.  

This year we are celebrating the 80th anniversary of our Torah Fund. Consider that as you light the candles each night you put aside $10, so that by the end of the holiday, you will have the $80 to contribute to our “Plus $80 for 80 Years” campaign.  

Consider all the gifts that you purchase for the holiday. In my case, I am blessed with seven grandchildren plus all their parents. Thirteen in all. I would literally only have to put aside $6.15 in honor of each one of them, in order to accumulate $80. There are eight more months until the end of our fiscal year. The math is simple: $10 for each of the months between now and convention, a mere 33 cents per day! 

We could easily count all the clergy who have served us through our years in congregational life and who attended any of the five institutions that Torah Fund supports. In honor of each and every rabbi and cantor, in honor of each and every teacher from our religious training, in honor of each and every child and grandchild that we are blessed to have, in honor of all that Women’s League and Torah Fund bring to our lives. Remember it is better to give than to receive. This is the season to give. Please help support and celebrate the 80th year of Torah Fund by donating the plus $80 to your usual contribution.