Becoming Visionaries Through Torah Fund Legacy Society

Posted on Nov 22, 2022

What is the difference between sight and vision? Seeing is a vital sense and critical to understanding the world around you. Someone who sees is focused on what is happening now. Vision, on the other hand, implies a different focus. Rather than looking at the present, a visionary is focused on the future. As in a game of chess, a new player concentrates on the board in front of her, while the seasoned player is playing several moves ahead. 

This ability to be a visionary is seen in Torah Fund. As contributors to the annual Torah Fund campaigns and special projects, our donors are focused on the present. They see the challenges facing our students and are moved to make a difference through their donations. This is necessary, valued, and appreciated! 

Our Legacy Society members are visionaries. They see the current need but also focus on what the future holds. By making a legacy donation, these women have joined the ranks of the women who created the vision that led to the founding of Torah Fund in 1942. As we celebrate Torah Fund’s 80th year, wouldn’t it be great to have 80 (or more!) members of the Legacy Society? 

There are several mechanisms for making a legacy donation and each donor can choose the one that works for her and her financial situation. As with any legacy designation, the donor has control of her planned gift during her lifetime. For more information on becoming a Legacy Society member, please contact Cathy Swerdlow or Marcia Toppall at