Annette Kasle, DHL, Kekst Graduate School

Posted on Jun 04, 2019

Annette Kasle first took an informal adult education class with Associate Provost and Assistant Professor of Bible and Interpretation Stephen Garfinkel over 20 years ago. It left her hungry for more, and after retiring from a fulfilling career in law and health care policy, she came to JTS, earning first an MA and now a Doctorate in Hebrew Literature from the Kekst Graduate School. Annette most appreciated JTS’s top-notch Bible faculty noting the “very rich tapestry” their collective perspectives and background provide. What’s next for Annette? She hopes to offer informal learning opportunities for others, exposing students to the extraordinary insights that can be gained from studying rich foundational texts. “Helping people appreciate the timelessness of the Tanakh is a true joy for me,” she says.