Wherever creative Jewish leadership is being exercised, JTS rabbis are there.

You’ll find them in large and small pulpits, in start-ups and legacy organizations, in denominational and nondenominational roles, and in settings both online and off the grid.

Since 1887, our rabbinical graduates have become known around the world for creating sacred centers of Jewish faith, rearticulating 3,000-year-old traditions, and creating new opportunities to live out a meaningful Jewish life. JTS launched the Conservative movement in America, and its faculty and alumni have also created many of the broader Jewish community’s most creative and substantial organizations.

A JTS rabbinic education is rooted in Jewish living and enlightening scholarship. You will be absorbed in Torah study. You will grow from spiritual mentorship. You will be trained to pursue justice guided by our tradition. And you will join a community engaged in examining ideas sensitively and implementing them creatively.

  • Our classrooms know no bounds. Whether exploring the culture of NYC, participating in local social justice efforts, or hiking in upstate New York, our students and staff extend the learning experience of JTS into the broader world.
  • Innovation is what we teach. Our rabbinical students are encouraged to apply for innovation grants through the Myers Program, and to cultivate emerging communities through the Gladstein Fellowship.
  • We offer unparalleled rabbinic experience. We offer generous grants to support students’ formative training—in Israel, in working with young people, in chaplaincy, and in mentored internships.
  • We train caring leaders. You will join seminarians of many faith traditions in JTS’s Center for Pastoral Education to learn how to address the needs of people in crisis by discovering the anchor of your own faith.
  • We’re part of an international network of congregations, Ramah Camps, campuses, schools, and agencies that gives JTS students extraordinary access to the Jewish community. Our consortia with Columbia University, Union Theological Seminary and Hebrew Union College, the Juilliard School, and others will extend your learning in all directions.