80 for 80

Posted on Feb 22, 2023

There is an old witticism referring to the commonality of all Jewish holidays. Almost every holiday focuses on three elements: a threat to the Jewish people, how we rose up and overcame the threat, and then we eat a holiday-specific treat. Although that might be true, the theme of most holidays is one single word: dedication.  

This spring we celebrate two of our most favorite holidays, Purim and Passover. In each case our people’s existence was threatened and we overcame that threat with God’s help, faith, and determination. Although totally different, one word could be used to describe the history and the impact of our Torah Fund campaign: dedication. 

For 80 years, women across North America have been truly dedicated to the cause of supporting seminary students to ensure that we will always have rabbis, cantors, educators, and lay leaders to serve our congregations, our people and especially our future. With all the adjectives and all the accolades that could be used to describe generations of women collecting their coins and dollars through myriad fundraising activities, it still comes down to that one word, dedication. 

In celebration of more than $108 million collected throughout the decades, with gratitude to all our mothers, grandmothers, and founding members of our sisterhoods, in honor of our children and their future in Judaism . . . 

NOW is the time to celebrate our past, thank those who came before us, and ensure our future! 

NOW is the time to make your annual Torah Fund donation. Please join the celebration, be inspired, rededicate yourself to this worthy cause, and give Plus $80 for 80 years.