21st Century Campus Update

Posted on Aug 22, 1970

Over the last few weeks, we’ve watched with excitement as scaffolding and netting have come down, and the beautiful brick façade of the 21st Century Campus has come into view. Peering into the JTS courtyard, we can see our construction team erecting the atrium roof. Suddenly, the scale model in the lobby and the artistic renderings on our website are coming to life.

Beyond these visible signs of progress, the construction team has been moving steadily ahead on critical tasks such as testing underground ductwork, constructing elevators, and connecting elevators and machine-room equipment to their permanent power source. A great deal is now happening indoors, including plumbing, HVAC installation, electrical work, and the start of drywall installation in the residence hall.

We recently took delivery of the light-colored stone for the atrium floor, a bevy of light fixtures, and the glass panels that will become “curtain walls,” with doors leading out to the landscaped courtyard.

We’ve begun planning for the building opening this fall and look forward to sharing details about this historic event.


Overlooking the courtyard, one can see the brick facade of the building housing the residence hall, library, and auditorium, as well as the start of construction on the atrium roof. 

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