JTS Alumni Advocate for Jewish Special Education

“[JTS alum] Beth El Temple’s Rabbi Ilana Garber was one of 15 rabbis and educators from across the country who came together for the first in a year-long Matan Institute program to help synagogues and synagogue schools better accommodate children with special learning needs […]

‘I am raising a child with special needs – my own son who has Fragile X Syndrome – and I am also serving as a resource to many other families,’ notes Rabbi Garber. ‘As a rabbi I hope to lead by example, to advocate for Jewish special education and to bring it into every realm of our synagogue, religious school and even the greater community. My son loves attending synagogue and he thrives in religious school. I want that for all of our children.'”

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Matan’s executive director Dori Frumin Kirshner and manager of social media and alumni networks Lisa Friedman are also JTS alumni.