The William Davidson School Dean Dr. Bill Robinson in eJewish Philanthropy

Renewing Belief in Leadership / Building a Shared Dream

“At The Davidson School, we have been training educators for positions of leadership for over 20 years, in day and congregational schools; JCCs; camps; early childhood centers; communal institutions; and start-ups. We have prepared leaders that work across denominations and in communities throughout North America. In this weekly series in eJewishPhilanthropy, you have been reading our alumni’s views on what makes for an effective leader. You may have also watched videos of our alumni discussing what makes The Leadership Difference.”

“Leaders – lay and professional – succeed when they learn from one another across institutions, when they build collaborative cultures in their institutions, and when they see themselves as fellow travelers on a journey together. Through research, collaborative gatherings, and publications, we seek to deepen the field’s collective understanding of leadership and the outcomes toward which leaders lead. We offer the Leadership Commons as a space where leadership is cultivated, research and scholarship lead to innovation, and diverse perspectives are woven together into a meaningful tapestry that inspire and guide us toward a shared, vibrant Jewish future.”

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