• Learn the basic texts of the Jewish tradition: Torah, Mishnah, Talmud, Midrash, and Halakhah
  • Improve your Hebrew language abilities and gain independence in your study of Jewish texts
  • Prepare yourself for a career in Jewish education, communal service, academia, the rabbinate, or the cantorate
  • Explore the academic and social community at JTS, North America's preeminent institution of Jewish higher education

Nishma is the only North American summer program that integrates university-level Hebrew study with intensive beit midrash-style learning of Torah. It is a five-to ten-week program housed in the Matthew Eisenfeld and Sara Duker Beit Midrash of The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), home to a joyous, supportive, and intellectually and spiritually stimulating community of enthusiastic Torah learners.

Using traditional methods of paired study (hevruta) and participatory seminars (shiurim), you will focus on rapidly improving your text skills in Mishnah, Talmud, Bible, and commentaries. You will also have the opportunity to work on Hebrew language skills. Together with senior JTS faculty, emerging young scholars, and advanced rabbinical students, you will build a firm foundation for an informed and enhanced Jewish life in the rich cultural landscape provided by a summer in Manhattan.

A few words from members of recent Nishma participants:

"Throughout the summer at Nishma, I learned how to gain greater access to the timeless texts of the Jewish tradition, and to understand the process of development from oral tradition to law. But even more importantly, I developed a deeper relationship and commitment to Torah as an ongoing unfolding of revelation in my life." –Lauren, student at The Rabbinical School at JTS and alumna of Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem

"Nishma creates a model for an exciting, engaging, passionate Judaism." – Mo, student at List College at JTS and alumnus of the Conservative Yeshiva

"If I had to tell you in five words what Nishma has taught me this summer, I would say this: I learned how to learn. And if you allowed me a few more words, I would tell you that I also learned how much I enjoy studying Torah. This experience was a little taste of what's out there to learn, and now I'm eager to keep learning more. –Shayna, student at the University of Pennsylvania

Spend the summer at Nishma, immerse yourself in Hebrew and Torah study, and help create a more engaged and more knowledgeable future for yourself and for the Jewish people.

DATES: The program is flexible and modular to accommodate multiple summer opportunities. While you are encouraged to sign up for the full duration of the program, you may also participate in either Session I (May 31–June 30, 2016) or Session II (July 05–August 04, 2016). The program is designed so that you can take the Intensive Hebrew Language program in addition.

COST: A tiered tuition structure allows you flexibility in the subjects you wish to take and the credit you wish to earn.

NISHMA Lishmah

Hebrew Lishmah

NISHMA for Credit

NISHMA for Credit
with Hebrew

No academic

No academic

6 undergraduate credits

6 undergraduate

Talmud, Rabbinic Literature, and/or Parshanut:

$2,500 (both sessions)


$1,250 (single session)

Talmud, Rabbinic Literature, Parshanut, and Hebrew:

$3,500 (both sessions)

Talmud, Rabbinic Literature, and Parshanut:

$3,500 (both sessions)

Talmud, Rabbinic Literature, Parshanut, and Hebrew:

$4,500 (both sessions)

Part-time rates are also available. You may take morning or afternoon courses for $700 per session.

ROOM AND BOARD: Participants will be offered fully furnished JTS housing (at subsidized cost), or may live off campus. Some meals will be provided; you can also avail yourself of JTS's kosher cafeteria. If you wish to live in JTS housing, please contact the Office of Residential Life at or 212.678.8035.

RABBINIC FELLOWS PROGRAM: Qualified JTS rabbinical students will receive stipends to attend the full ten-week program, and will serve as mentors to fellow students and as exemplars and ambassadors of JTS. In addition to advanced shiurim in Halakhah and Talmud, rabbinic fellows will participate in guided conversations (sihot) on practical topics of import to Torah study and the rabbinate. Finally, they will complete summerlong independent learning projects culminating in a shiur or similar presentation to be delivered to the entire program and to a lay audience.

For more information, contact Rabbi Mordy Schwartz or Rabbi Noah Bickart, Nishma codirectors and rashei yeshiva, at

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting December 1, 2015.

Please fill out an Online Application here or, for more information, please fill out an information request form.