Torah Fund Legacy Society Prepares for the Future 

Posted on Feb 22, 2023

In the ninth chapter of the Book of Esther, in describing the celebration of Purim, we read, “These days are recalled and observed in every generation: by every family . . . and the memory . . . shall never perish from their descendants” (Esther 9:28).

And in our Haggadah, at each seder, we are reminded that we are to teach our children about Passover so that this vital moment in our people’s history remains a vibrant part of our narrative, as if we ourselves were freed from Egypt. 

To remember, zachor is a fundamental commandment in Judaism. However, we recognize that it takes more than recitation of a memory to make a significant and lasting impression. It takes action. Whether it is lighting two Shabbat candles (one for keeping Shabbat and one for remembering Shabbat), giving mishloach manot on Purim, or participating in the seder at Passover, all of these actions help to reinforce the basic tenets of Judaism. 

The Torah Fund Legacy Society is a mechanism for you to take an action that will preserve memory and inspire future generations. Legacy gifts create an enduring link between generations. 

For more information on making a legacy donation, please contact the Torah Fund Office