Vivian B. Mann z”l

Professor Emerita of Jewish Art and Visual Culture

Department: Jewish Art and Visual Culture , William Davidson Graduate School, Jewish Museum

Phone: (212) 678-8892


Building Room: Brush 410

Office Hours: By Appointment


BA, University of Washington; MA, Wichita State University; PhD, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

Professor Vivian Mann is Professor Emerita of Jewish Art and Visual Culture at The Jewish Theological Seminary. For many years Dr. Mann was Morris and Eva Feld Chair of Judaica at The Jewish Museum, where she created numerous exhibitions and their catalogs, among them Gardens and Ghettos: The Art of Jewish Life in ItalyConvivencia: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Medieval Spain; and, most recently, Morocco: Jews and Art in a Muslim Land. In 2010, Prof. Mann curated the exhibition Uneasy Communion: Jews, Christians and Altarpieces in Medieval Spain at the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA).

In 2000, her Jewish Texts on the Visual Arts was published by Cambridge University Press, and in 2005, her Art and Ceremony in Jewish Life: Essays in the History of Jewish Art was published by Pindar Press. Professor Mann’s many articles and lectures cover a broad range of topics in medieval art and the history of Jewish art. Dr. Mann has been a recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, an NEA Fellowship, and various NEH Fellowships. She has also been a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, the Hebrew University. In 1999, Dr. Mann was awarded the Jewish Cultural Achievement Award in Jewish Thought by the National Foundation for Jewish Culture for her successful efforts at establishing a new field of Jewish studies and the Master’s Program at JTS. She was also elected to the prestigious American Academy of Jewish Research, and is a founding editor of Images: A Journal in Jewish Art and Visual Culture


  • Woodrow Wilson Fellowship
  • NDEA Title IV Fellowships (1977–1980) 
  • NEA Fellowship for Museum Professionals 
  • NEH Fellowship for Research 
  • NEH Collaborative Projects Grant for Interpretative Research
  • Jewish Cultural Achievement Award in Jewish Thought (National Foundation for Jewish Culture) 
  • Henry Allen Moe Prize for the Catalogue of Distinction in the Arts, NY State Historical Association, for Gardens & Ghettos 
  • American Philosophical Society Grant-in-Aid 
  • Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Fellowship


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Dr. Mann’s interests range from medieval art to Jewish ceremonial art of all periods. She has written on works in the collection of the Jewish Museum, New York, and on those in other collections, such as that of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, always placing the works within the contexts of Jewish culture and categories of art history. Her fields of interest include medieval Judaica, Sephardi art, the art of the Court Jews, and aspects of synagogue architecture. Vivian Mann is particularly interested in responsa literature that casts light on the commissioning of ceremonial art, the uses of Judaica, and the role of the artist. Her research resulted in the widely used text Jewish Texts on the Visual Arts (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990). She pioneered the study of Jewish life in Spain as depicted in altarpieces for the Church, the focus of a 2010 exhibition at MOBIA in New York.