Why Ramah Works—and Why It’s Essential

“The great sociological theorist Peter Berger passed away earlier this summer, just as thousands of Jewish kids were heading off to immersive camp experiences that build and sustain identity in ways that Berger’s ideas brilliantly help to explain. Visiting Camp Ramah New England right after reading the obituary for Berger in the Times, I could not help reflecting through the lens of his theory on the magic taking place before my eyes. At summer’s end—with the memories of several visits to camp still vivid in my mind, along with the disturbing images of Charlottesville and Hurricane Harvey that have left their mark on all of us—I offer these thoughts on what makes summer camps like Ramah essential to contemporary Jewish life—and what we need to do to ensure they remain successful.”

Why Ramah Works—and Why It’s Essential on the chancellor’s blog, On My Mind