Priya: A New Fund for Jewish Reproduction

“Although only receiving funding in the summer of 2015, and not officially open to the community until October 2015, “Priya: A New Fund for Jewish Reproduction” [a JTS Seeds of Innovation Project] has already helped one family in the Kansas City area to adopt a child. Other families are also in the system waiting to be helped […]

[Davidson School alum] Annie Glickman, along with her husband, Rabbi David Glickman, founded Priya in Texas, where they lived before moving to the Kansas City area. They were instrumental in starting the program here as well.

‘There is a period of isolation (when a couple is experiencing infertility),” Annie Glickman said. “We wanted to one day give back so that others would not feel isolated when they were going through it.'”

Continue reading “Priya is up and Running, Helping Those with Infertility” in Kansas City Jewish Chronicle.

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