“Poverty to Rabbinical School: One Rabbi’s Story” by Rabbinical School Student Adam Moffet

“My story starts and ends with a rabbi. The first rabbi is one I’ll always remember fondly, who took the time to look after a family on the margins. When I was little, the perils of mental illness and the plague of poverty pushed my family to the edges of the Jewish community, beyond most people’s view. The exception was the rabbi of our local synagogue.

I remember looking out the windows of our house, a colonial perched on top of a steep hill, and watching the snow fall on the unpaved driveway. In between the flakes of snow were headlights, and then a man carrying grocery bags in each arm, climbing up toward our door. That man was a rabbi who noticed my family’s poverty and took the time to help. His gifts of food and kindness were hugely important.”

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