JTS Artists Exhibit Work

Shifting to online learning is a difficult process. Now imagine shifting online an arts course and a physical exhibition that has been held for over a decade. But that is exactly what JTS alum Gregory A. Gilbert (KGS) and renowned artist Tobi Kahn succeeded in doing this year for JTS’s Artist-in-Residence program. Kahn worked with the 19 participants of the program throughout the year to create pieces of art to feature in a virtual gallery.

The result was “Expanse,” an online exhibition of artwork from people including JTS students, faculty, staff, alumni, and family members. Participants were tasked with simply sharing what was on their minds and expressing their thoughts and feelings through art.

As you virtually “walk” through the exhibition, you will be awed by the various ways participants chose to express themselves and the art they created. Some took to creating videos, such as a “socially distant time-lapsed orchestra.” Other pieces ranged from pottery such as ceremonial hand washing cups and drawings of the Old City of Jerusalem to a paper cut collage depicting New Orleans and fabric “rainbow banners.”

View the full exhibit below as well as participants of this year’s program.



Danielle Aris
Ian Cohen
Rachel Fischer
Jessica Dell’era
Jennifer Gersch
Valerie Gerstein
Aletheia Gilbert
Gregory A. Gilbert
Sophia Gilbert
Nina Gordon

Sonia Gordon-Walinsky
Joshua Hooper
Isabelle Karr
Gavriella Kornsgold
Yacov Lewis
Shirah Rubin
Ilana Sandberg
Leah Schechter-Bennett
Deborah Schranz