Chancellor Eisen: Israel in the Winter Sun and Cloud

“Israel’s Prime Minister was in Washington this week, seeking to enlist President Trump’s support for his vision and agenda. I recently traveled in the opposite direction, seeking to take a break from the draining anxiety and frenzied activity of the past few weeks by immersing myself in day-to-day Israeli life. I wanted to experience once more the Israel I first fell in love with as a student 40-plus years ago, and that I love still. It was not hard to summon affection for the country’s landscape, people, and culture, which for me have long been wrapped up in the lives of dear friends and trusted colleagues. I returned to America with a new set of glowing memories from encounters with people and projects of which we can all be proud, along with sadness at the Knesset’s passage of a highly controversial law that is justly earning the condemnation of Israelis, American Jews, and many foreign governments. The Israeli Prime Minister left Washington with much to be satisfied about—and much cause for concern.”

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