JTS Alum’s Book Continues Research on Hebrew Bible

Alum Dr. Christopher Dost’s new book The Sub-Loco Notes in the Former Prophets of Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia has been published. The book stems from Dr. Dost’s JTS doctoral dissertation that he completed while also serving at JTS as an adjunct instructor. 

From the Publisher:

“In this volume, Dost continues and methodologically advances [Daniel S.] Mynatt’s research by incorporating the Aleppo and Cairo Codices. After evaluating all 451 sub loco notes in the corpus of the Former Prophets, he evaluates [Gérard E.] Weil’s contribution by comparing Weil’s revision of the Leningrad Codex’s Masorah against the Masorah of the Aleppo Codex.”

Learn more about the publication or purchase from Gorgias Press.