Compassion in Action: Spring 2018

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A Note from Rabbi Mychal B. Springer

Director, Center for Pastoral Education

When I was training to become a CPE supervisor, my own supervisor, The Rev. Denise Haines, of blessed memory, shared with me that when she told her entering students what to do on their first day visiting patients she would always say: bring me back a story. Students were sometimes surprised by the simplicity of the assignment. After all, they were seminary students, steeped in religious discourse, learning the art of pastoral care. All she wanted was a story? Denise knew that as the students listened for stories, they would become attuned to the fullness and complexity of the lives they encountered. As the patients spoke and felt attended to, perhaps they would arrive at a deeper sense of the meaning of their words. 

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Learning To Provide Care When Someone Can’t Respond

An inspiring hospital chaplain, Linda Golding, teaches our students why it’s important to be with people who are not responsive and how to be with them.

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Rabbinical Student Reflects On CPE Internship

Leora Perkins says of a patient: “I learned from her what it looks like to really give someone space to feel her own emotions, and the immense relief that that expression alone can bring.”

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Magazine Features Center for Pastoral Education

Rabbi Mychal Springer discusses the contemporary search for “religious leadership attuned to the struggles and challenges of life” in the Steinhardt Foundation’s Contact magazine.

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Upcoming Events

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Clinical Pastoral Education for a Day

At JTS, May 3, 2018
Join us to experience a taste of this transformative educational process.

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The Art of Healing

At JTS, June 21, 2018
Explore the healing that can happen through creative expression at this special day of learning about art and pastoral care.

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Annual Benefit Luncheon

Join us Wednesday, June 6, 2018, for the annual benefit luncheon supporting the center’s life-changing work.

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