Five Wonderful Reasons to Support Torah Fund and Give Today

Posted on Jun 24, 2021

Reason #5:  It’s an opportunity to continue to demonstrate your commitment to our work in helping provide quality education, resources, and scholarships at the five Conservative/Masorti institutes of higher education our funds support.

Reason #4:  Your donation shows your gratitude for the tremendous ways our rabbis, cantors, educators, professors, social workers, Jewish professionals, and camp staff continued to provide essential care, services, training, and guidance to our Jewish communities throughout the pandemic.

Reason #3:  The costs of quality education continue to rise, and many academic institutions cut budgets and resources.  Your gift will help maintain excellence in Jewish education and in the development of our future leaders.

Reason #2:  When you give to Torah Fund, you’re in sync with caring individuals who value knowledge and learning and recognize the importance of equipping our future generation with leadership skills.  

And the #1 reason:  Your contribution helps fortify the Jewish people in multiple ways and ensure our bright future.  

Please donate today!

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