High Holiday Insights

| Rosh Hashanah Shabbat Shuvah Yom Kippur By :  The Jewish Theological Seminary Posted On Jul 17, 2018 | Holidays

Chancellor Schwartz on the 5781 High Holidays

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Teshuvah (repentance)

“Psychotherapy as a Lens for Conceptualizing Teshuvah by Rabbi David Hoffman
“The Art of Fly Fishing and Teshuvah by Chancellor Arnold Eisen
“Rembember the Children!” by Rabbi Daniel Nevins
“How to Love Yom Kippur” by Chancellor Arnold Eisen
Teshuvah / Repentance” by prison chaplain Rabbi Joanna Katz
“The Difference a Day Can Make” by Rabbi Burton Visotzky
“The Process of Repentance” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
“Metaphorically Speaking” by Dr. Amy Kalmanofsky
“The Gift of Anxiety and Dread” by Rabbi Marc Wolf
“The Gift of Change” by Rabbi Charlie Schwartz
“Sea of Repentance” by Rabbi Andrew Sugarman

Forgiving and Asking Forgiveness: Sound Bytes for the High Holidays 5777 (videos)

“Return Us to You” with Rabbi Mychal Springer
“Asking Forgiveness with Authenticity” with Rabbi Paula Rose (RS/KS ’17)
“Forgiving Ourselves” with Dr. Anne Lapidus Lerner
“Getting to ‘Sorry'” with Dr. Shira Epstein
“Seeking Forgiveness for Structural Injustice” with Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay
“Teshuvah in Two Directions” with Dr. David Kraemer
“A Heart of Compassion and Forgiveness” with Dr. Eitan Fishbane

How To Change: Sound Bytes for the High Holidays 5776 (videos)

“God Wants Us Back” with Rabbi Joel Alter
“Exercise Trackers and Mitzvah Motivators” with Rabbi Judith Hauptman
“This Time Could Be Different” with Rabbi Mychal Springer
“We Do Matter” with Rabbi David Hoffman
“Soul Surgery” with Rabbi Lauren Henderson (RS/KS ’16)
“Naming Our Sins” with Rabbi Eliezer Diamond
“Conquering Our Anger” with Rabbi Julia Andelman
“From Judging to Learning” with Rabbi Rachel Bovitz
“Why is Yom Kippur Every Year?” with Rabbi Burton Visotzky and Madeline Richer (LC ’14)


Visions of Religious Life

“The Value of Doubt” by Rabbi Julia Andelman
“The Path to Mitzvah” by Chancellor Arnold Eisen
“A Call for Hope” by Chancellor Arnold Eisen
“On Radical Amazement” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
“Living with the Fragility of Life” by Rabbi Mychal Springer
“Ultimate Questions” by Rabbi David Hoffman
“Nourishing the Soul” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
“Seeing the World Around Us” by Rabbi Marc Wolf
“The Ease of Redemption” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch


The Liturgy of the High Holidays

“The Psychology of Our Prayers” by Chancellor Arnold Eisen
“Lacking Praise” by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
Yizkor: The Order of Giving” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
“The Power of Prayer” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
“Crafting a Moral Compass” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
Zichronot (Memories)” by Rabbi Samuel Bath
Ne’ilah: Final Closing, or Not Quite?” by Rabbi Samuel Barth

On Psalm 27, recited from the begnning of Elul through the High Holidays
“Psalm 27: The Days of Awe” by Dr. Alan Cooper
“Dwelling with God” by Sonia Gordon Walinsky (LC ’04)
“A Psalm for Repentance” by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
No’am Adonai (the Beauty of Adonai): Psalm 27 and Elul by Rabbi Samuel Barth

On the Mahzor: Sound Bytes for the High Holidays 5775 (videos)

“Our Effect on Eternity” with Dr. Anne Lapidus Lerner
“The Origins of Avinu Malkenu with Rabbi Judith Hauptman
“God of Mercy, God of Justice” with Rabbi Daniel Nevins
“The Potter Loves the Clay” with Rabbi Lilly Kaufman
“The Gift of Community” with Rabbi Joel Alter
“Approaching the King” with Cantor Nancy Abramson
“The Artist as Teacher” with Dr. David Kraemer


On the Torah and Haftarah Readings

“Justice and Ritual” (video) with Rabbi Daniel Nevins and Rabbi Miriam Liebman (RS ’18)
“Brothers: Isaac and Ishmael” (video) with Rabbi Burton Visotzky
“On Judaism and Islam” by Chancellor Arnold Eisen
“Life is Good” by Chancellor Arnold Eisen
“Rememberance, Childbirth, and Renewal” by Rabbi Melissa Crespy
“Is This the Fast I Desire?” by Rabbi Julia Andelman
“Expelling our Scapegoats” by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
“The Prosecuting Angel” by Rabbi David Levy
“A Nation of Priests” by Mallory Probert (DS ’05)

Commentaries on Vayera (for Rosh Hashanah readings)
Commentaries on Aharei Mot (for Yom Kippur readings)

Torah and Haftarah readings for Rosh Hashanah
Torah and Haftarah readings for Yom Kippur
Cantillation for the High Holidays


Rabbinic Literatiure and the High Holidays

“A Holiday for God or for Us?” (video) with Dr. Noah Bickart
“The Scapegoat of Yom Kippur” by Rabbi Daniel Nevins
“The Inspirational History of Rosh Hashanah” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
“A Universal New Year” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch


Shabbat Shuvah

“The Bluebird Inside Our Hearts” by Rabbi Mordecai Schwartz

Ki Tavo
“The Blessing of Curses: A Rosh Hashanah Puzzle” by Rabbi David Hoffman
“Shattering Our Idols” by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
“‘The World Belongs to God'” by Rabbi Lewis Warshauer

“Safe in God’s Memory” by Rabbi Mychal Springer
“Moving Forward Meaningfully” by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
“Torah and Teshuvah” by Rabbi Lauren Eichler Berkun

“The Poetry of Forgiveness” by Dr. Stephen Garfinkel
“Finding God and Ourselves Anew”
by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
“A World Without Teshuvah by Dr. Ismar Schorsch