Ariel Gershon

Image of Ariel Gershon

Director of Admissions, Kekst Graduate School and William Davidson School

Department: Admissions



Dr. Ariel Gershon serves as the director of admissions for both the Kekst Graduate School and The Davidson School. She works with prospective students by facilitating the admissions process: assessing which career path they are interested in and how our graduate-level degrees can help them achieve their academic and professional goals. Additionally, she works closely with the deans of both schools and the admissions team to make the enrollment process as seamless as possible.  

Dr. Gershon received her master’s and doctorate degrees in psychology from the University of Hartford and earned her bachelor’s in psychology from Union College. Prior to beginning her role at JTS, she was the assistant to the director of admissions for her doctorate program and held roles in a variety of clinical settings.