Jewish Texts and Interpretations

At JTS, students learn how to read classical and contemporary texts central to Jewish religion, history, and identity. The Jewish Texts and Interpretations major allows students to develop skills for reading, comprehending, and interpreting texts across disciplines, genres, and historical periods.    

The goal of the major is to train students to become skilled readers of significant Jewish texts. In their course of study, students will acquire language proficiency, develop a context for intertextual allusions, consider what constitutes a “Jewish” text and the idea of a canon, and develop a critical methods toolbox of reading.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

To fulfill the major, students will take nine text courses approved by the major advisor. Five of the nine courses must focus on primary texts in their original language. At least five courses must be in Bible or Rabbinics above the 1000 level. All text courses will foreground primary sources and apply interpretive methodologies. Students will also take a seminar in methods and theories of critical reading.