Davidson School Tuition & Fees

The William Davidson School is committed to making it financially possible for all students to realize their educational goals. It is our goal and priority to work with prospective students to make enrollment a reality. We encourage every student to explore the benefits of our flexible access to serious Jewish education.

The William Davidson School MA

Thanks to the generosity of The William Davidson Foundation, students in the master’s degree program at The William Davidson School are considered for merit-based tuition fellowships of up to 100 percent. This includes full-time, part-time, in-residence, and online students. Full-time tuition is fully or very generously covered by your tuition fellowship while students are responsible for all student fees:

Tuition and Registration Fees 2023-2024 (per semester)

Tuition $18,920 (12 or more credits)
Tuition per Credit$1,720
Service Fee$810
Student Support Services Fee$350
Health Service Fee (Required for students enrolled in 9 credits or more)TBA

JTS Housing Charges 2023-2024

JTS Residence Hall Single$7,780 (per semester)

Indirect Costs (per semester)

Meals (estimated)$1,250
Books and Supplies (estimated)$450
Personal Expenses (estimated)$750

The William Davidson School EdD

Full-time doctoral students typically receive full-tuition fellowships and a significant living stipend. Executive doctoral students receive up to a 75-percent tuition fellowship.

Our admissions decisions are need-blind. Financial need or ability to pay plays no part in the decision process. Financial aid applications are processed after all admissions decisions are made.

The total cost of education is used along with data from the FAFSA to determine loan eligibility.

Please contact the Admissions Office with questions about merit scholarships and the Financial Aid Office regarding loans.