The Jewish Theological Seminary has been a center of educational and religious leadership since it was established in 1886. From the outset, JTS has demonstrated that continuity with the practices and teachings of our ancestors goes hand in hand with the thoughtful alteration of those practices and teachings in order to make them live for new generations of Jews.

Today, JTS continues to draw on this philosophy to teach the tools and skills of effective Jewish leadership through a combination of innovative resources, curriculum, public programs, and online initiatives available nowhere else:

    Leadership at JTS

    Office of the Chancellor
    Arnold M. Eisen, one of the world's foremost experts on American Judaism, is the seventh chancellor of The Jewish Theological Seminary. Since his appointment in 2007, he has increased JTS's impact on the communities it serves by transforming the education of religious leadership for Conservative Judaism; articulating a new vision for JTS; guiding the formulation of a strategic plan to implement that vision; and developing innovative programs in synagogue arts and practices, adult education, pastoral care, Jewish thought, interreligious dialogue, and the arts.

    The JTS administration is a group of highly skilled, committed professionals responsible for running the institution. From fund-raising and communications to finance and facilities, academics and scholarship to legal expertise, our administrators are dedicated to the mission of JTS.

    Leadership Organizations and Programs at JTS

    The Mitzvah Initiative
    Born out of Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen's vision for vibrant, meaningful Jewish living, The Jewish Theological Seminary's Mitzvah Initiative is an interactive program that involves a blend of discussion, reflection, and meaningful text study.

    The Tikvah Institute
    The Tikvah Institute for Jewish Thought at The Jewish Theological Seminary is an academic program devoted to a searching intellectual encounter between the best sources of Jewish thought and broader Western reflection on the deepest problems of human life. The Institute organizes seminars devoted to Jewish thought.

    Center for Pastoral Education
    The Center for Pastoral Education was established in 2009 with the goal of teaching seminary students—Jewish and non-Jewish—rabbis, and ordained clergy of all faiths the art of pastoral care. Studies at the center combine rigorous academic courses with the transformative learning process of Clinical Pastoral Education.

    Louis Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies
    Since 1938, the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies of The Jewish Theological Seminary has maintained an innovative interfaith and intergroup relations program that emphasizes conversation among diverse communities.

    Leadership Institute for Congregational School Educators
    The Leadership Institute for Congregational School Educators (LICSE) is a joint program of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Studies of The Jewish Theological Seminary and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC).

    Day School Leadership Training Institute
    To ensure the growth and success of Jewish day schools, the Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI), a professional development program, trains and supports a cadre of visionary and skilled heads of school who exemplify Jewish values and are committed to developing them in this and future generations across North America. The Institute provides a cutting-edge curriculum, dynamic experiences in authentic contexts, collaborative cohort groupings, and ongoing mentoring and support.