Tuition and Fees

Tuition, Fees, and Housing, 2022-2023

Tuition Charges

Tuition CategoriesPer SemesterPer Credit
List College$11,725 (9 or more credits)$1,335
Rabbinical/Cantorial Schools$18,500 (12 or more credits)$1,670
Graduate School MA & DHL$17,750 (12 or more credits)$1,670
Graduate School PhD$22,205*
*residency tuition for first or second year including summer 2023
Davidson School MA$17,750 (12 or more credits)$1,670
Davidson School EdD$22,205*
*residency tuition for the first or second year including summer 2023
Extended Residence MA & DHL$2,080N/A
Extended Residence PhD & EdD$3,050N/A
Defense Semester$3,370N/A
Matriculation & Facilities$2,245N/A

Tuition-Related Fees

Continuous Registration$260
Leave of Absence$1,085
Study Abroad Semester (List College only)$1,085
Semester in Israel (List College only)$1,085
AuditStudents taking a course for Audit will be charged 2/3 the cost of the course

Registration Fees

Registration FeesPer Semester
Service Fee$810
Student Support Services Fee$350
List College Orientation Fee$555
List College Joint Program Fee$1,485
Late Registration Fee$25 per day* up to a maximum of $500
Late Payment Fee$25 per day** up to a maximum of $500
* See Academic Calendar for last date to register
** See tuition bill for payment due date or email

JTS Housing Rates

Residence Hall Charges by Semester

Effective for fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters

Room Size/TypeBrush HallList College Residence Hall
Internet service is included.

Tuition and Fees, Summer 2022


Type of CourseStudent CategoriesPer Course
3-credit course (not including Hebrew)List College$2,181
3-credit course (not including Hebrew)Rabbinical, Cantorial, Kekst, and Davidson Schools and Non-JTS Students$4,452
6-credit Hebrew courseAll JTS Students$5,628
6-credit Hebrew courseNon-JTS Students$5,904
3-credit Hebrew courseAll JTS and Non-JTS Students$4,422
3-credit course for AuditSummer Learners$612
6-credit course for AuditSummer Learners$1,224


Registration Fee$50 per session
Student Activities Fee$35 per session
Application Fee (Non-JTS Students only)$60


Tuition Refund Policy

The schedule of payments for tuition and fees at JTS is listed on the website. Refunds will be calculated from the last day of attendance. However, students may be responsible for housing charges even if they have withdrawn academically from JTS. Tuition refund percentages will be calculated according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal from JTS prior to the first day: 100%

Withdrawal from JTS during:

  • 1st week of classes: 100%
  • 2nd week of classes: 80%
  • 3rd week of classes: 65%
  • 4th week of classes: 50%
  • 5th week of classes: 30%
  • After the 5th week: 0

Items not subject to refund include registration fees, student organization fees, textbooks or supplies purchased on the student’s account, medical insurance, orientation fees, late registration penalties, and residence hall fees other than housing charges. Students will not receive any payments or refunds until all Title IV funds and other scholarships, as required, are reimbursed, and any outstanding balances with JTS are paid. In the event of a withdrawal from housing while still enrolled in JTS, a student will forfeit 80% of the housing charges during the first two weeks of classes. Thereafter, the entire amount for the semester will be forfeited. If a student is terminated by JTS for academic reasons or from housing during the academic year, the tuition and/or housing fees are subject to forfeit, irrespective of the date of withdrawal.