Passover Resources

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The Haggadah

“Up All Night” (video) by Rabbi Judith Hauptman
“The Telling” by Rabbi David Hoffman
“Retelling Your Story” (video) by Dr. David Kraemer
“The Whole Story” (video) by Rabbi Alex Braver
“Singing The Seder” (video) by Cantor Nancy Abramson
“Intent of a Question” by Rabbi Eliezer Diamond
“The Right Answers for the Wrong Questions” (video) by Rabbi Julia Andelman
“Wise and Simple: A Rabbinic Ideal” (video) by Rabbi Lilly Kaufman
“The Right to Question” by Chancellor Emeritus Ismar Schorsch
“A New Dayeinu” (music) by Cantor Gerald Cohen
“Two New Tunes for the Seder” by Cantor Nancy Abramson
“From Generation to Generation Activism is Alive!” by Rabbi Jonathan Lipnick
“The Meaning of Pesah” by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
“Empathy for the Other” by Chancellor Emeritus Ismar Schorsch
New American Haggadah public event video featuring author Jonathan Safran Foer

The Seder Table

“Matzah’s Majestic Meaning” by Rabbi Judith Hauptman
“The Secret of Shmura Matzah”
by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
“Men and Women: In the Kitchen and at the Seder” (video) by Rabbi Judith Hauptman
“The Bitter Truth” (video) by Dr. David Kraemer
“Matzah: From Affliction to Redemption” by Rabbi Noah Bickart
“The Gefilte Fish on My Seder Plate” (video) by Dr. Anne Lapidus Lerner
“Elijah’s Cup: A Time for Family Reunion” by Rabbi Daniel Nevins


The Exodus Story and Pesah

“‘Us’ and ‘Them’” by Rabbi Paula Rose
“God of Wrath?” by Rabbi Daniel Nevins
“Redeeming the Plagues” by Rabbi Miriam Liebman
“Another Passover Season” by Ruth Messinger
“Pesah Three Ways” by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
“Why Is This Historic Event Different From All Other Historic Events?” (video) by Rabbi Burton Visotzky


Torah Commentaries on:



Chancellor Emeritus Arnold M. Eisen

Commentaries for Passover by Chancellor Emeritus Eisen

Shabbat Hagadol and its Haftarah

“Redemption: Israel’s Partnership with God” by Rabbi Eliezer Diamond
“Restoration” by Rabbi Craig Scheff
“Pesah: The Great Redemption” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
“Bringing the Messianic Redemption” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
“Reconciling the Generations” by Dr. Ismar Schorsch

The Song of Songs

“‘I Will Go to the Mountain of Myrrh’” by Dr. Barbara Mann
“A Scroll of the Song of Songs” by the JTS Library


Crossing the Red Sea

“Fear and Faith at the Exodus” by Rabbi Lilly Kaufman
“Living at the Frontier”
by Rabbi Lauren Henderson
“Prophetess, Leader, Musician” by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
“Miriam’s Song and the Role of Music in Jewish Prayer” by Dr. Walter Herzberg

More on Pesah

“The Light of Passover” by Rabbi David Hoffman
“Pesah vs. Easter” by Chancellor Emeritus Ismar Schorsch
“A Spiritual Caution for this Season” by Rabbi David Hoffman
“Dove and Rabbit” by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
“The Last Day of Passover” by Dr. Alan Cooper
“The Laws of Passover” by Rabbi Isaac Klein (z”l), from A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice