The 80th Anniversary of Torah Fund Is an Important Milestone

Posted on Jun 21, 2022

According to custom, each wedding anniversary year has a specific traditional gift source. Interestingly, the traditional gift for an 80th anniversary happens to be oak. The oak tree takes years to mature, which directly relates to the longstanding commitment for an 80-year-old marriage to sustain itself.  

This year, the Torah Fund campaign–the dedicated philanthropy of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism–has reached its 80th birthday. Just like the oak tree, the dedication and nurturing of generations of our members has allowed this campaign to thrive and succeed in its goals. It is our hope that every member of Women’s League, whether individually or through her affiliate/sisterhood, finds a way to honor and celebrate this milestone year. The most significant way to ensure the success of our Torah Fund campaign is to contribute generously.  

Our levels of giving have been constant for over a decade. We are asking every donor, regardless of their giving level, to consider making a “Plus 80” gift. Just imagine if every donor contributed an additional $80 in honor of this 80th anniversary! The five institutions we support have every expectation of being able to service the needs of our people for well over eight decades in the future. We can be a part of that today. Just like the strength of the oak tree, our long-range commitment and nurturing will ensure this. Plus $80 for 80 Years will allow us to remain strong and vigilant in furthering to our beloved Torah Fund campaign. 

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