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Folio 1R   Folio 6V
Fol. 1R*
Decorative page with the text of Ha lahma 'anya.
  Fol. 6V
Illustration of the Simple Son and the Son Who Does Not Know How to Ask.
Folio 5V   Folio 7V
Fol. 5V
Illustration of the Wicked Son.
  Fol. 7V
Page with illuminated initial word panel and drolleries.
Folio 11R   Folio 14V
Fol. 11R
Decorative page with an illustration of the Land of Goshen.
  Fol 14V
Illuminated initial word panel with grieving hybrid figure.
Folio 16R   Folio 19R
Fol. 16R
Decorative page with humorous illustration for "an outstretched arm".
  Fol 19R
Unfinished page with illustration for "before your eyes".
Folio 27V   Folio 29R
Fol. 27V
Unfinished full-page miniature of Rabban Gamaliel.
  Fol. 29R
Unfinished page with illustration of the matzah.
Folio 33R   Folio 84V
Fol. 33R
Decorative page with the beginning of Hallel.
  Fol. 84V
Unfinished page with preparatory drawing of Noah's ark.

*Folio has darkened, presumably because of some unknown treatment in the past.