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Nevi'im Rishonim (Former Prophets)
With the commentary of David ben Joseph Kimhi (Radak)
Soncino, 1485
Printed by Joshua Solomon ben Israel Nathan Soncino

This volume includes the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings, accompanied by the commentary of the thirteenth-century exegete and grammarian David Kimhi. In his biblical exegesis, Kimhi stressed scientific philological analysis and de-emphasized the homiletical approach that was prevalent at the time. He became so highly regarded that his name was attached to the phrase, "If there is no flour (kemah), there is no Torah" (Avot 3:17). His works were printed at least eight times during the incunabula period.

This page commences the book of Samuel, the judge and prophet who was instrumental in the transition from a loose confederation of Hebrew tribes to a centralized monarchy. The decorative word panel used here was also employed in this volume at the beginning of the books of Joshua and Judges. In addition, the Soncino press used the rabbits as decorative motifs in other publications.