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Sidorello (Roman rite) and Haggadah (German rite)
Soncino, 1486
Printed by Joshua Solomon ben Israel Nathan Soncino
Heb-120 and Heb-42

This volume consists of two incunabula: a Roman-rite mahzor, known as Sidorello, and a German-rite haggadah. Both incunabula are known to exist in only two copies in the world. It is possible that the haggadah was a continuation of the prayer book. The printings are similar in size, measurements, and typefaces. The two books were also printed on paper from the same stock, with identical watermarks. Yet, we cannot classify the two books as one edition of a "prayer book with Passover haggadah," because the former ends with its own colophon and the latter is decorated with elements not found in the mahzor.

The pages exhibited here are from the haggadah. The decorations follow the manuscript tradition of illustrating the matzah and the maror.