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arranged and described by ELIOTT KAHN, D.M.A.,
January 2006

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Photograph. Herbert Fromm when he was a conductor, accompanist and composer at the German State Theater in Wuerzberg, 1932.


Received after the original Herbert Fromm Collection and the Herbert Fromm Addendum were processed, The Herbert Fromm Addendum II consists mostly of the additional papers, music scores and recordings, 1905-1997, that were donated to the library by the estate of Alfred Fromm, Herbert Fromm's twin brother. The material appears to be either gifts or personal items stored by Alfred Fromm for safekeeping. Shipped in one carton by the estate's archivist, Kim Schwarcz, the collection was received in November 2003, after the death of Alfred Fromm's widow, Hanna. Completing the collection are three archival cassette recordings of a 1994 interview with Herbert Fromm, donated in January 2006 by the interviewer, Eliott Kahn.

The bulk of the collection consists of archival material arranged into two Hollinger boxes and stored in the library's rare book room (SHF 2806b:4; SHF 2806b:5). Highlights include: approximately one hundred personal photos of Herbert Fromm, 1920-1990 (Box 34, folders 5-8); a bound notebook (145 p.) of German verse composed by Fromm, 1936-1956 (34/10); letters from composer/pianist Martin Boykan (1931-) that include several of his English translations of German poems (33/4); programs, correspondence and clippings from Fromm's eightieth birthday celebration, 1985 (33/7); a history of the restoration of Fromm's hometown synagogue in Kitzingen, which includes a tribute book for Fromm's eighty-fifth birthday, 1959-1990 (33/11); and two German passports, one issued by the Nazi government, 1932; 1937 (34/3).

Of special interest is the folder labeled "*Certificates and important documents, Germany," (Zeugnisse und wichtige Dokumente, Deutschland), 1905-1975 (33/2), which contains Fromm's birth certificate, 1905; his grade reports and diploma from the State Academy of Music in Munich, 1928; 1930; several letters of recommendation from prominent German musicians, 1930-1936; and a photocopy of a letter from the Reichsmusikkammer, informing Fromm that he is no longer permitted to perform in any Aryan musical venue, August 1935 (33/2).

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Passport. Fromm was in the United States six months when this new passport was issued by the German Consulate in Buffalo, New York, 1937.


I. Archival Material, 1905-1997

   A. Subject files, 1905-1997

II. Musical Scores and Recordings, ca. 1920-1990

Only scores and recordings not found in the original Herbert Fromm Collection or Herbert Fromm Addendum are cataloged. Altogether the Fromm Addendum II has nine new bibliographic entries. Of note are the two recordings of Fromm's secular works: "Transience" on Lyrichord Records, [197-], and "Sonata in G for violin and piano" on Opus One, 1979-1985. There are also three ninety-minute audio cassette recordings of an interview with Herbert Fromm, done by Eliott Kahn in August 1994. Though his voice is sometimes faintly audible, Fromm discusses his life in Germany, and gives candid opinions on his own and other music written for the American Synagogue.

Note: All the musical scores, recordings and published books may be accessed through the JTS Library Catalog (Search under "Fromm, Herbert" or title)

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Items marked with * indicates Herbert or Alfred Fromm's original title.

    A. Subject Files, 1905-1997
33 1 *Biographical material (bios, clippings), ca. 1946-196
  2 *Certificates and important documents, Germany, 1905-1975
  3 Clippings, 1935; 1954-1985
  4 Correspondence: Boykan, Martin; poetry translations, n.d.
  5 Correspondence: Fromm, Alfred, 1960-61; 1990; 1997
  6 Correspondence: Roy, Klaus and Mary, 1963-1990
  7 Eightieth birthday celebration, 1985
  8 "The ideas and goals of my synagogue music," typescript, 1964
  9 Key of See, travel journals, October-December 1960
  10 Key of See, typescript, ca. 1966
  11 Kitzingen synagogue; Fromm family history, 1959-1990
34 1 Lesley College, honorary diploma, 1966
  2 Miscellaneous programs, articles, correspondence, 1948-1977
  3 Passports, Germany, 1932; 1937
  4 Photo portraits, ca. 1940-1980
  5 Photos, 1920-1939
  6 Photos, 1940-1949
  7 Photos, 1950-1969
  8 Photos, 1970-1990
  9 Poetry, additional, German, 1936-1947
  10 Poetry and translations, bound, German, 1936-1956

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