Yehoash, 1872–1927

Name Yehoash, 1872–1927.
Special Call Number ARC 116
Physical Description 12.7 linear ft.
Research Note Access may be restricted. Reproduction or publication only with permission. Email for details.
Biographical Note Yiddish writer. Pseudonym of Solomon Bloomgarten.
Collection Summary Correspondence, 1892–1926; manuscripts of poems, articles, and stories; proofs of 1926 edition of Yehoash's Yiddish translation of the Bible; diaries, 1914–1918; and clippings and articles by and about Yehoash, ca. 1907–1959. Also, includes correspondence, subscriber lists, brochures, and other records of Yehoash Bible Committee, 1936–1950; and papers of Ben Dworkin, 1931–1964, particularly concerning the Yiddish Culture Society, and Yehoash publications.
Language Yiddish, English, Hebrew.
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Bible Translations


Yiddish Culture Society (New York, N.Y.)
Yidshe .kul.tur-gezelshaf.t (New York, N.Y.)
Genre Diaries.
Occupation Authors, Yiddish.
Inventory Note Bloomgarten, Solomon, 1871–1927.
Archive Location Jewish Theological Seminary. Library, 3080 Broadway, New York, NY, 10027.
Record ID# 0246466
Preliminary Box Level  
116-1 Letters arranged Aleph–Gimel
116-2 Letters arranged Dalet–Vav
116-3 Letters arranged Zayin–Kaf
116-4 Letters arranged Lamed–Num
116-5 Letters arranged Samech–Tzaddi
116-6 Letters arranged Kuf–Resh
116-7 Letters arranged Resh–Shin
116-8 Letters arranged Shin–Tav. Publicity Material.
116-9 Arranged files. Archival Material. Biographical Data.
Calendar books 1916, 1917, 1918
116-10 Miscellaneous
116-11 Book Campaigns. Commentaries. Complementary Copies. Acknowledgement of comp. copies 1934–1950.
116-12 Arranged file. Campaign to raise funds for Hebrew–Yiddish Tanach, 1937–40.
116-13 Fundraising 1934–1941.
116-14 Arranged files. Tanach Subscribers and contributors. Correspondence. Form Letters 1928–1941.
116-15 Arranged files. Pen set given to Yehoash when he moved from NY to Israel.
Publicity material. Lists of potential contributors.
116-16 Writings in Yiddish.
116-17 Writings.
116-18 Writings and Drafts.
116-19 Publicity material.
116-20 Manuscripts.
116-21 Manuscripts. Photocopies of Tanach.
116-22 Notes and Translations of the Prophets.
116-23 24 Poems.
116-25 Notes and Writings.
116-26 Articles about himself.
116-27 Arranged Files. Various manuscipts and personal papars.
116-28 Articles and poems–manuscripts and printed. Workman's Circle papers.
116-29 Dictionary. Reprints of Tanach. Publicity.
116-30 Archives
116-31 Correspondence.
116-32 Correspondence & misc.
116-33 Correspondence & misc.
116-34 Articles on his translations
116-35 Articles about him.
116-36 through 116-42 Miscellaneous