Dr. Ray Levi on the Leadership Difference

“As I talk with head search committees about potential candidates, experience writ large is usually articulated as the most important attribute. I certainly understand the value of quality experience. Yet I might argue that simply having served as a head or in a senior leadership position may not, in of itself, be the most significant selection criterion. The two new heads offer alternative, powerful case studies. Why are they leading effectively? Why are their partnerships with lay leaders working? What is the difference they are making with children, faculty, and parents?

First and most significantly, the strengths of these young heads match the needs of the school. Both schools were seeking passionate and articulate educational leaders who could be the face of the schools in the community and who could guide curricular improvement. This allows lay leaders to see change in critical areas while giving the heads time to hone skills where they have more limited experience. When I spoke with a very happy first year head who had moved across country to a small school with considerable enrollment obstacles, she observed, ‘The school’s challenges match my interests and strengths. I enjoy focusing on them!'”

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