Make a Legacy Gift and Become Part of the Torah Fund Legacy Society

Posted on Nov 24, 2021

Our Torah Fund donors care deeply about Jewish education and the vibrancy and future of the Jewish people.  Giving to Torah Fund is an investment in the next generation of Conservative/Masorti Jewish leaders who will help ensure our strength and continuity. 

A legacy gift to Torah Fund indicates your profound interest in supporting our work, and will help advance the Torah Fund mission from your estate.  A meaningful way to give, a legacy gift can help further the important scholarships and programs that Torah Fund supports at the five global Conservative/Masorti institutes of higher education. 

There are different ways to make a legacy gift, and becoming a member of the Torah Fund Legacy Society is easy.  We invite you to learn more about the significance of a planned gift by visiting our Torah Fund Legacy Society page.  Your commitment to Torah Fund is recognized through a signed Bequest Confirmation form, indicating your type of gift.  If you’d like more information about making a legacy gift, please contact Torah Fund.  Please join our many other supporters who have made legacy plans for Torah Fund, and let us count you as a member of the Torah Fund Legacy Society. 

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