The Ivriyon summer institute prepares day school educators to teach Judaic subjects engagingly and effectively in Hebrew. The program combines intensive language immersion with powerful learning experiences to strengthen participating educators’ Hebrew language skills. 

What Participants Gain

The four-week program focuses on developing participants’ expressive skills through intensive communicative practice, writing, grammar review and vocabulary expansion. At Ivriyon, educators will learn to:

  • Teach their lessons in Hebrew.
  • Create a Hebrew environment in their classrooms.
  • Lead discussions in Hebrew with students.
  • Write grammatically correct exercises and instructions.
  • Help students articulate ideas and feelings in Hebrew.
  • Converse comfortably with Hebrew-speaking colleagues.

After the summer immersion program, each participant will be assigned a mentor to work with throughout the school year. 

Who It’s For

Ivriyon is designed for day school teachers of grades K–12 and for graduate students of Jewish Education who plan to teach in a day school.

Participants should come to Ivriyon with an intermediate level of Hebrew. 

Program Structure

A typical day includes:

  • Warm-up: Participants begin the day with a casual conversation in Hebrew to develop ease of expression while integrating new vocabulary and grammar.
  • Dikduk: Small group sessions focus on improving Hebrew grammar, especially the verb system and syntax.
  • Classroom Simulations: Participants rotate teaching sample lessons in Hebrew while fellow participants act as class members. Lessons are followed by constructive feedback and reflection.
  • Hebrew Educational Technology: In JTS’s well-equipped language lab, participants strengthen their Hebrew keyboarding skills, learn to use Hebrew software, and explore online teaching resources.
  • Individual Projects: Each participant chooses an educational project in Hebrew to develop over the course of the program and present at the program’s closing session.

Applying to Ivriyon

If you are interested in participating in Ivriyon or bringing Ivriyon to your community, please contact us at, or call either (212) 280-6094 or (212) 280-6018.