A New Roster of Torah Fund Region Vice Presidents Begins the Campaign Year

Posted on Jun 24, 2021

This has been a year of change . Thank you to our region Torah Fund vice presidents who called, supported, emailed, drove, empathized, and continued the work of Torah Fund during a very challenging year.  With gratitude for three successful Torah Fund campaigns within each of your regions, we say l’hitraot to our region Torah Fund vice presidents who served from 2018 – 2021:

BQLI – Barbara Kaplan
Central Great Lakes – Rachel Ferber
Florida – Jeanette Brownstein
Garden State – Donna Burkat
International Northeast – Marilyn Cohen
IntraContinental – Denise Mosk
MetroNorth – Mindy Steinholz
MidAtlantic – Marsha Wasserman
North Atlantic – Robin Metzger
NxNW – Susan Ben-Rubin
PSW – Roberta Spaccia
Seaboard – Marjorie Fuhrmann

Yasher koach to them all. We wish them hatzlahah, much success, in their future Women’s League responsibilities.

We welcome our new region Torah Fund vice presidents who will serve from 2021-2024:

BQLI – Teri Fields
Central Great Lakes – Rebecca Goldwasser
Florida – Nancy Goldberg
Garden State – Sue Romanoff
International Northeast – Linda Boxer
IntraContinental – Mae Levitan
Metro North – Linda Klempner
MidAtlantic – Shelley Szwalbenest
North Atlantic – Ellen Leonard
NxNW – Sheri Rosenblum
PSW – Marcy Melton
Seaboard – Mary Joan Mandel
Southern – Judi Giri

We’re looking forward to their Torah Fund leadership in their regions over the next three years. Mazal Tov!

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