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The Rabbinical School on the Road

Fall 2014 Travel Schedule for JTS Admissions

Graduate Study, Jewish Education, and Professional and Religious Leadership   

December 9-10 Hillel International Global Assembly, Orlando FL Jody Gansel
December 21-24 USY International Convention, Atlanta, GA Jody Gansel, Sarah Steinmann
January 5-8 Camp Ramah Weinstein Institute, Ramah California, Ojai, CA Rabbi Joel Alter
January 25-26 Jewish Educators Assembly, College Park, MD Jody Gansel
February 13-16 Limmud NY, Stamford, CT Rabbi Joel Alter
February 13-16 NFTY Convention/URJ Youth Summit, Atlanta, GA Jody Gansel, Mark Young
February 20-22 Masorti on Campus Shabbaton, College Park, MD Rabbi Joel Alter
March 8-10 RAVSAK Zach Lasker, Janette Silverman

Dates TBD: Rutgers University

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Contact Our Admissions Team

Melissa Present
Director of Enrollment Management and List College Admissions
Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies

Director of Admissions
The Graduate School and William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education
gsadmissions@jtsa.edu and edschool@jtsa.edu

Rabbi Joel Alter
Director of Admissions
The Rabbinical School and H. L. Miller Cantorial School and College of Jewish Music

Sarah Steinmann

Assistant Director of Admissions
List College
Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies

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